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Are You Ready To Go Back To Work After A Workplace Injury?

After an injury on the job, you may have successfully gotten workers’ compensation benefits coming to you. Although you may not be able to return to your old job as you used to do it, you may be able to return with restrictions as advised by your doctor. This is a prime reason for seeing legal advice as soon as possible after an accident on the job. William R. Long, Attorney at Law, can facilitate communication and documentation among your doctors, the workers’ compensation insurer and your employer. We primarily serve clients in and around the Shreveport-Bossier City metro area.

What Job Functions Are Suited To Your Physical Condition Now?

When the time comes to determine what kind of work activities you can safely do, given the consequences of your injuries, your doctor should order a functional capacity test for you. The results of this test will indicate what types of restrictions or rehabilitative efforts best suit your condition. It may be that you will need to retrain for a different type of work altogether. For example, if your job involved lifting and your back injuries do not allow you to lift heavy loads anymore, you may be able to train for a new occupation, such as an inspector.

Having A Lawyer On Your Side Through All Negotiations Can Be Key To A Successful Outcome

Remember that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer is not likely to take the role of a vocational counselor on your side. Rather, the insurer wants you to get back to work so it can stop paying you wage replacement benefits. To make sure that the insurer and a doctor appointed to you by the insurer do not railroad you into lines of work that are not well suited to you, you should have a workers’ compensation lawyer on your side. One important piece of advice we give our clients is not to meet with vocational rehabilitation advisers without taking an attorney along. If William R. Long represents you, he can help ensure that proper protocols are followed. He can facilitate communication with your employer about job descriptions. Your unique capabilities deserve full consideration in any decision that you are ready to go back to work.

We Encourage Injured Workers To Contact Us

Even if you have managed your workers’ compensation claim on your own at first, we urge you to contact us before entering into any discussions with the insurer or with your employer about new work restrictions or vocational training. Call us at 318-562-1440 or complete our short online contact form and we will get back to you promptly.