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If You Were Denied Disability Benefits, Ask About Our SSD Appeals Process

Through years of law practice in the area of Social Security Disability claims and appeals, William R. Long, Attorney at Law, has found that the most effective path for people is to file claims first and contact the law firm next if those claims are denied. If you need help completing an initial application, we will gladly point you in the direction of appropriate services through state programs or medical facilities.

If you live in or near the Shreveport-Bossier City area, have applied for SSD and supplied the required information to the Social Security Administration and have now received a letter of rejection, the next step is to contact us at 318-562-1440 or through this website. During a free initial consultation, we will examine specifics of the rejection letter and determine how to prepare an appeal.

  • Did the denial say you gave insufficient information in your application for SSD benefits? We can advise you on how to fill in the gaps.
  • Was the denial based on medical evidence? A review of medical records and additional doctors’ evaluations may be important to complete before appealing your denial. A functional capacity test may support your claim of disability. A vocational expert may be able to provide valuable input regarding job descriptions and how your medical condition conflicts with work requirements.
  • Is the denial based on inadequate work history? We can confirm whether there is a way to correct this determination and advise you accordingly.

Once we have helped fill in information gaps and documented your case more fully, we can help you file an appeal. In many cases, this leads to an administrative hearing attended by an administrative law judge, you, your attorney and possibly one or more witnesses such as a vocational expert, a doctor or a close co-worker or family member. If your appeal is not successful in the administrative hearing, the next step may be to take it before an appeals council. In this setting, a panel of judges will decide whether the previous judge committed an error of reasoning. If your condition has worsened or if you had a significant birthday in the meantime (50 or 55), your case may have more merit at this stage.

Contact Us After A Social Security Disability Claim Has Been Denied

In a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with an experienced SSD lawyer, you can get a good idea about opportunities for appealing your case further. Phone our law offices at 318-562-1440 or complete an online contact form for a prompt response.